Vo2Multisport has been running successful training camps for athletes of all levels for over 10 years.  During that time we have refined our offerings to meet the demands of the endurance athlete.  The goal is to take care of all the details to ensure the only concern of the athlete is eating, sleeping and training.  With intimate knowledge of all the locations we travel too you can rest assured that Vo2Multisport will guide you to one of the most fun and most rewarding training experiences of your multisport life.

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Couer D'Alene

Regarded as one of the most scenic Ironman courses in North America, Coeur d’Alene prides itself on being a multisport athlete’s paradise.  Both beautiful and challenging the bike course can trick the best cyclist out there.  Learn from Vo2Multisport coaches how to best navigate this amazing course to help make you faster and more competitive come race day.

The goal of this camp is to give you the confidence you will need to execute a race that will do your fitness justice. Spend time reviewing HR, power and pace data from the course and allow the Vo2Multisport coaching staff to help you prepare an effective raceday strategy accounting for your relative strengths.

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Join us in Whistler to learn the secrets of what is sure to become one of the most popular and spectacular Ironman courses in the world.

Our coaches have been racing/coaching in Canada [Penticton, but now Whistler] since 2001 and during that time have recorded over 30 finishes, four AG podiums and eight Ironman World Championship qualifying spots.

Secure your spot in our one-of-a-kind camp to learn from the best how to make this the race experience of your life. During camp you get a lot of exposure to the race course and will learn valuable lessons about how best to pace this bike course and run.

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Warm Weather - Various Locations

Team Vo2 also hosts a warm weather winter Camp. These Camps have previously taken place in Arizona or California. Information is typically posted on the team FaceBook page

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